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Our class cards DO NOT expire and they are valid for any of our classes.

Check out our class schedule below. Please note that private lessons are also available.

For more info, please email us at


Flamenco Arabe is the Fusion between Flamenco and Middle Eastern dance (Bellydance).  In this class you will learn technique as well as improvisation skills. You will learn posture, arm work (braseo), turns and skirt work. You will need to bring a wide flamenco or gypsy skirt, a hip scarf, and a Flamenco fan (any size) to class.

It is recommended that you do bring a water bottle to class.  Choreographies will be taught & performance opportunities will be available .

*Please note that performing is not mandatory.

          SATURDAYS (2:00PM-3:00PM)                                 TUESDAYS (8:00PM-9:00PM)

                 *WITHOUT SHOES                                                      * WITH SHOES

                     DAF STUDIO                                                             DAF STUDIO

            1501 SW 8 ST (2ND FLOOR)                                     1501 SW 8 ST (2ND FLOOR) 

                   MIAMI, FL. 33135                                                       MIAMI, FL. 33135


for Kids!

After many requests, we have now opened up a Flamenco Fusion class JUST FOR KIDS ages 6-13. 


This class will teach your child discipline, dance technique, arm work, posture, improvisation, skirt work and choreographies in a fun and educational format.  Dancing builds self-esteme, confidence, social skills, discipline, physical health and much more.  Students in this class will be able to participate in various shows & events including our theater productions of Caravan of Dancers.

Kids will receive a free hip scarf

on the first day of class after registration.


Parents also take the class for FREE!!!

What better way to spend quality time with your child than to DANCE together.

**Kids will have the opportunity to perform at most of our events including our yearly theater production of Caravan of Dancers.

         SATURDAYS (1:00PM-2:00PM)            

                     DAF STUDIO                              

           1501 SW 8 ST. (2nd FLOOR)                

                   MIAMI, FL. 33135                                                

The class requires a $60 registration fee. 

That includes a free hipscarf and unimited kids classes unless the child misses 3 consecutive classes (then guardian is required to re register).

Send us an email or call us for more information at  or 786-344-7055


Latin fusion is a mix of Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Cha Cha, Samba and all Latin dance styles fused with Belly Dance. This class will not only teach you how to fuse these dances together but it will teach you the authentic steps for each style of dance. Prepare to WORKOUT as this class is very energetic and FUN!

*Performance oportunities are also available for Latin Fusion. Let ZiZi know if you are interested in performing. Please bring water and a towel. Ballroom shoes and or Character shoes are optional. Hip scarfs are welcomed ;-)

         SATURDAYS (3:00PM-4:00PM)             

                     DAF STUDIO                              

           1501 SW 8 ST. (2nd FLOOR)                

                   MIAMI, FL. 33135                                                

Salsa Fusion.jpg


Fusion Gitana Belly Dance.jpg

You asked for it!  Check out our belly dance class! Learn how to move your hips!

NEW Wednesday from 8:00pm - 9:00pm


This is a perfect class for all of you who have always wanted to learn how to belly dance. 

This fun and upbeat class that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this

beautiful dance form.

Let's Shimmy together!


         CLASS LOCATION:      

                               DAF STUDIO                                                 1501 SW 8 ST (2nd floor)         

                           MIAMI, FL. 33135                                                

         Price for a single class is $17.00 for adults.

Class cards are available.  Please note that class cards DO NOT expire & they can be used for ANY of our classes.


*** Absolutely no refunds, exchanges or transfers on class cards.  


*Square Fee added to purchase       

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