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“Nick Adkins dealt with me through the entire process and answered my questions and followed up with letting me know how everything was going to go. He was always kind and courteous, and I appreciated his patience when I’d call. He was extremely knowledgeable : which put me at ease. Joe the truck delivery driver and his crew were extremely efficient and took good care of all , my items. They made sure I was happy with placement of items and did an excellent job.” Have extra furniture or merchandise? Imperial Movers can safely store any objects for you, no matter the size. Our facilities offer both short-term accessibility and long-term warehouse storage. We offer a broad range of services including full service moving and relocation, short and long term storage, hoisting, packing as well as unpacking and free box delivery. McKendree Moving Storage is the quality choice in local and interstate movers providing affordable moving solutions. Our professional, skillful staff is trained to handle your belongings with the utmost care. This is priority number one. All moves include standard liability insurance free of charge. For those who desire a higher level of protection, McKendree Moving Storage offers a choice you don't get with most other moving companies. In addition to standard cargo coverage, you have an option for full value small load moving companiesWe have already touched on the importance of customer support for a move of any distance. What exactly does superior customer support mean? It means going the proverbial extra mile by ensuring the moving professionals you choose to hire are friendly and willing , to help you out when needed. You want an affordable mover , that adapts to rapid changes, which will be inevitable for most moves. If it is storming at the time of the start of your move, you want the company to be flexible enough to delay the start of your move until the rain ends. Superior customer support also means offering the services you need and not hard selling moving products and services you do not need. So, what’s considered a small move? Most moving companies consider shipments weighing under 2,000 lbs. a small move. For the most part, small moves consist of a studio or one-bedroom apartment’s worth of belongings. Large moves involve shipments that are more than 2,000 lbs.all moving truck companiesIn order to determine whether hiring movers or renting a moving truck is the cheaper option, it is essential to look at all aspects of your move. With over eight decades of experience in fleet services, our focus is on , getting you on the road faster, for less. No waiting in lines. No searching for a local office. No worrying about whether the truck you need is available. Just the value and service you deserve, when and where you need it. They also have a college discount so we can all be thankful for that. With one-way truck rentals, they will offer you free unlimited mileage … that sounds pretty good to me! As with the others, they can help supply you with movers, moving supplies and the works, all for an additional fee of course. Interested in learning more about our truck rentals or unit options? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.

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