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Zizi & Fusion Gitana


Fusion Gitana was created in 2011 by international instructor, performer and choreographer ZiZi Zabaneh, a professional dancer with over 28 years of experience.  The company specializes in Flamenco, Latin, Belly Dance and Fusion.  Its goal is to enrich, educate and entertain by providing authentic quality as well as superior training and performances.  Fusion Gitana is also dedicated to hosting workshops by professional dancers from all over the world to expand knowledge and create more cultural awareness.


ZiZi started dancing at the age of 15 when she enrolled in Salsa classes at Miami Dade College.  At the age of 16 she became part of Grupo Arara, a professional Latin Cuban Dance Company and so her passion for dance began.  Shortly after she started taking Flamenco classes for the purpose of improving posture and to build a stronger foundation of technique.  She then became principal dancer of Gypsy Fire in Miami, Florida.  At the age of 18 she started searching for her roots and by doing so, she fell in love with Middle Eastern dance as she is part Lebanese.  She began taking classes and studying with masters' instructors like Dina, Randa Kamel, Raqia Hassan and many more.  It wasn't until she turned 19, when she first heard Alabina, she immediately fell in love with the mixture of both Flamenco and Middle Eastern music.  This is how her love for Fusion was born and how she came to be known as Florida's Flamenco Fusion Master.


ZiZi has provided entertainment for celebrities including Tom Arnold, Elizabeth Shue, Chris Evert, Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade, Alan Thicke and many more.

Her international performances and workshops include Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Dubai, Puerto Rico & the United States.


Currently ZiZi teaches online via Zoom and at Winter Park Ballroom Dance Studio in Winter Park, Florida.  She is now booking workshops nationally and internationally for 2024 & 2025.  She is also producing shows and bringing professional performers and instructors from all over the world to teach workshops in Miami & Orlando. 

Precision, strength and stamina characterize her dance style and makes her a favorite amongst audiences of all ages.

She is available for workshops, classes and shows.  For events outside of Florida (national or international), We can email you a customized Performance & Entertainment Agreement.  Contact us at





Zizi has been teaching for over 28 years. It's no wonder she gets hired to teach workshops all over the world. She specializes in the Fusion of Flamenco, Latin & Belly dance.
The following are just a few of the workshops that are offered by Zizi.



* The Seduction of the Fan

* Bata de Cola (long flamenco skirt)

* The Power of the Skirt

* The Shawl (El Manton)

* Beautiful Hands & Arms

* Traveling Combos & Turns

* The Element of Surprise

*Passion, Flirtation and Power

* Less is More (Drama Drama Drama)

* Choreography/Technique: Flamenco Arabe (Oriental)

* Choreography/Technique: - Samba Fusion

*Choreography/Technique: - Salsa Fusion

* Choreography/Technique: - Tango Fusion

Choreography can be with or without props

(Fan/Manton/Footwork/Veil/Fan Veil)


Contact us for more information on rates & other workshops offered, contact us at


Zizi teaching in Argentina (August 2019)

Argentina 2019 workshop.jpg
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