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Workshops with ZiZi Zabaneh

With over 28 years of teaching experience, Zizi has become a sought-after instructor for dance workshops worldwide, renowned for her unique fusion of Flamenco, Latin, and Belly dance. Her workshops are designed to not just teach, but to immerse and inspire, offering a blend of traditional techniques with innovative interpretations.


Below is a selection of the exclusive workshops Zizi offers, each crafted to enhance your dance vocabulary and expression:

  • The Seduction of the Fan: Master the art of fan dance, where each movement tells a story of allure and elegance.

  • Flamenco Arabe with Bata de Cola: Explore the grace and complexity of dancing with a long Flamenco skirt, an iconic symbol of Flamenco dance.

  • The Power of the Skirt: Learn to harness the dynamic movements and expressive potential of skirts in dance.

  • The Shawl (El Manton): Delve into the traditional Flamenco shawl technique, adding layers of emotion and depth to your performance.

  • Beautiful Hands & Arms: Perfect the art of expressing subtle narratives through the beauty of hand and arm movements.

  • Traveling Combos & Turns: Increase your spatial awareness and fluidity with intricate traveling combinations and spins.

  • The Element of Surprise: Incorporate unexpected elements into your dance to captivate and keep your audience engaged.

  • Passion, Flirtation, and Power: Explore the interplay of intensity and softness in dance, embodying the full spectrum of expression.

  • Less is More (Drama Drama Drama): Learn the power of restraint in performance, where minimal movements create maximum impact.

  • Choreography/Technique: Flamenco Arabe (Oriental):  Specialized workshop blending the fiery spirit of Flamenco with the sensual grace of Belly dance.

  • Choreography/Technique: Samba Fusion: Infuse your dance with the vibrant energy and rhythms of Samba.

  • Choreography/Technique Salsa Fusion: A dynamic workshop combining the spicy elements of Salsa with the fluidity of Belly dance and Flamenco.

  • Choreography/Technique Tango Belly Dance Fusion: Discover the dramatic interplay between Tango and Belly dance, emphasizing connection and storytelling.

Whether with or without props (Fan, Manton, Footwork, Veil, Fan Veil), these workshops are designed to elevate your dance, offering both choreography and technique for dancers seeking to expand their repertoire and embrace the fusion of these captivating styles. Join us to explore the depths of dance with Zizi, and let your passion for movement be ignited.

To Book Zizi Zabaneh for one of her workshops please e-mail:
(786) 344-7055


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